Amateur Fiddle Makers Q and A by Harry S. Wake


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List of Topics Addressed (Topics of the Questions)


Preface                                                                                     2

Tool Requirements                                                                    3

Purfling                                                                                     4

Making the Cutter                                                                     5

A Bow Head Repair                                                                 6

Removing Old Varnish                                                              8

Removing a Violin Top                                                             10

Resonance                                                                                12

Finishing Problems                                                                    13

Peg Hole Reamer                                                                     14

Peg Holes                                                                                 16

Standards                                                                                 17

Soundposts                                                                              18

Note by the Author                                                                   25

Peg and Peg Box                                                                      27

Making Smaller Violins                                                             30

Reading Matter                                                                         31

Humidity Effects                                                                       33

Parafin                                                                                      34

Fading Varnish Color                                                                36

Scrapers                                                                                   37

About Glue                                                                               38

Integral Bassbar                                                                        39

About Tap Tones                                                                     40

Tap Tones                                                                                41

Tap Tone                                                                                 42

Ratios                                                                                       43

‘Cello “Stop” Length                                                                45

Beyond Redemption                                                                 47

Staining the Wood                                                                    49

Identifying Old Violins                                                               51 (A general question)

Amber                                                                                      53

Identifying Old Violins                                                               55 (A specific question)

Endpins                                                                                    56

Drying Varnish                                                                          58

The Business End                                                                     59

‘Cello Tap Tones                                                                      60

Crack Repairs                                                                          61

Index                                                                                        62


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