All books are softbound, 8.5" x 11" in matching format with spiral binders, for ease of use in the workshop.  To purchase a copy of one of these great instructional books go to How To Order Books and Videos.

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The Technique of Violin Making
Describes the details of making a violin from form to finish with illustrations and full-scale working drawings.  Referenced by the Bass, Viola, and 'Cello books.  114 pages. (see the List of Topics and Plans) ISBN 0-9607048-0-9. 

A Luthier's Scrap Book
This was his first book. A collection of short "how-to-do-it" articles pertaining to the making and restoration of violins, etc. Over 75 topics are covered.  Illustrated with sketches by the author (see the List of Topics). 110 pages. ISBN 0-9607048-2-5.

Violin Bow Rehair and Repair
This has become the most popular book due to its usefulness for musicians as well as instrument makers.  Describes the procedures for bow rehairing and repair, the necessary small tools, and provides plans for a bow-holding fixture.  Profusely illustrated with drawings and photos. Revised and reprinted in Sept. 2003.  93 pages. (see the List of Topics). ISBN 0-9607048-1-7.

Amateur Fiddle Makers Q and A
Mr. Wake's useful, thorough, informative and easy to understand answers are given to the most generally asked questions from amateur fiddle makers. Includes sketches, helpful hints and more on the secrets of the masters (see the List of Topics). 50 pages. ISBN 0-9607048-3-3.

Viola Making Plans
Comprising twenty full-scale working drawings (11x24 fold-outs) and descriptive text for viola making. Plans for the Tertis Model are also included.  ISBN 0-9607048-5-X. 

A Strad Model 'Cello Plans

A set of seven full-scale working drawings (11x40 fold-outs) for a violoncello and the mold on which it is built. Together with plans (six 11x17 fold-outs) for a collapsible travel 'cello.  ISBN 0-9607048-4-1.

To Make a Double Bass

A complete system for the making of a 43" (110 cm) flat-back Bass, with 86 pages of text, 44 descriptive illustrations, and 14 scale drawings (11x40 fold-outs). (see the List of Topics and Plans) ISBN 0-9607048-6-8.

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