A Luthier’s Scrapbook, by Harry S. Wake


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List of Topics Addressed



Master Violin Makers                                                               1

Bow Head Repair                                                                     3

Neck Splice or Graft                                                                 6

Scroll Repair                                                                             9

Fitting a Bridge                                                                        10

A Peg Shaver                                                                          12

To Straighten a Warped Bridge                                                14

A Novel Neck Splice                                                               15

A False Button                                                                         16

Rosin Salvage                                                                           18

Varnish Rubdown                                                                     19

A Contour Scraper                                                                   20

Removing Finger Board                                                            21

The Michaelman Varnish Process                                              22

Making Small Planes                                                                 24

Ultraviolet Drying Cabinet                                                         28

A Super Drying Cabinet                                                            31

Varnish Remover                                                                      33

‘Cello Rib Repair                                                                      35

The Bow Hair Bug                                                                    36

Nut and Saddles                                                                       37

A Branding Iron                                                                        38

Rib Sanding                                                                              39

A Bending Iron for ‘Cello or Guitar Sides                                  40

A Peghole Crack Repair                                                           42

Making Amber Varnish (Jos Horvah Method)                           43

A Good Violin Mold                                                                 46

A Mold for ‘Cello Making                                                        48

‘Cello Tailpin Hole Cutter                                                         51

A Large Hand Reamer                                                              54

Violin Weight                                                                            56

Copying Sound Holes                                                               57

A Useful Clamping Method                                                       58

White Glue                                                                               59

A Work of Art                                                                         60

Endpin Hole Repair                                                                  62

A Novel Experiment                                                                 63

Neck French Polish                                                                  66

Tight Saddle                                                                             66

Some Notes on Purfling                                                            67

Yellow Varnish                                                                         68

Violin Primer or Seal Formula                                                   70

Repairing Wing Cracks                                                             70

Removing the Neck                                                                  71

‘Cello Cracks                                                                           72

‘Cello Clamps                                                                          73

Patches                                                                                    74

Small Glue Pot                                                                          74

Photographing Violins                                                               76

Propolis Varnish                                                                       80

Peg Dope                                                                                 82

Fiddle Clamps                                                                          83

Violin Shipping Box                                                                  83

Sound Post Setters                                                                   84

An Alcohol Lamp                                                                     86

Sound Post Length                                                                   86

Cutting a Scroll                                                                         87

A Buckled Rib                                                                          92

‘Cello Post Retriever                                                                92

Making Hot Glue                                                                      95

A Wet Fiddle Carrier                                                                96

Electronic Plate Tuning                                                              100

Bow Straightening                                                                     104

A Good Fiddle Polish                                                                105

A Varnishing Method                                                                106

Fiddle Glue                                                                               110

Bending Purfling ‘C’s                                                                 112

The Fun of Violin Making                                                          114

Index                                                                                         116


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