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The books and videos by H. S. Wake described here are unique in that they give personal "over-the-shoulder" guidance and full scale plans for making instruments in the violin family. They are successfully used throughout the world. 

Although the videos are homemade, they contain a wealth of information shared with you personally by a master violinmaker.  These were created by Harry Wake in his own workshop using a remote control device that he created.  The books and videos each guide you through the making of an instrument from a block of wood to the finished instrument.

We also offer books and DVD's on violin bow rehairing or repairing, with plans for a holding fixture designed to make your work easier, as well as other subjects of interest to luthiers and musicians, amateur or professional. 

In 2005 the video tapes were professionally digitally enhanced and remastered with Chapters for DVD.

To our knowledge, there are no others that offer you this kind of detailed information in such easy-to-use type of instruction.

Books and DVDs can be ordered through Wake Publishing.  To purchase a copy of one of these great instructional books or DVDs go to How To Order Books and Videos.

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This business and web site is maintained by Brian E. Wake (Harry's grandson) and his spouse, Blanca.  It is a part-time "Mom & Pop" operation from their home.  Our primary purpose is to continue to make these books and DVDs available for people to learn from and enjoy. Please e-mail us at wakebooks1@gmail.com for any questions about the products. E-mail is the best means to contact us.