These are videos for home viewing at your convenience.  All videos are available in digitally-enhanced DVD.  Harry Wake authored seven books on violin making.  These DVDs provide hours of personal instruction from Harry, and lets you get to know the author better.  To purchase a copy of one of these personal instruction videos go to How To Order Books and Videos.

The Technique of Violin Making
The complete procedure of making a violin by a master maker and author of seven books. From the layout and construction of the mold, through all the steps including the varnishing, to a demonstration of its tonal quality by a master musician violinist. The DVD set comes with violin drawings (three 11x17 sheets).  The set consists of four (4) DVDs of approximately two hours running time each for a total of just under eight hours of instruction.  See the List of Chapters.

Violin Bow Rehairing
The complete procedure of violin bow rehairing by a master maker-repairer and author of seven books. Approximately one hour and fifteen minutes of footage, showing the construction of a special bow holding fixture and the necessary small tools, through the steps of rehairing, to the finished product. With running comments and instructions by the author throughout the video.  DVD comes with drawings for a rehairing bow fixture (two 11x17 sheets). See the List of Chapters.

Violin Varnishing
The complete procedure of re-varnishing a violin, from the stripping off of the old varnish, through the preparation of the wood and the various layers of color and varnish, to the final polishing, with instructions and comments by the author. Approximately two hours of video showing the re-varnishing of a violin by the Glazing Method, the same as was described by the author in the The Strad Magazine article entitled "Flying Colors", December 1984 issue.  See the List of Chapters.

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