Rochester, Michigan: "You sir, are probably our best link with Cremona."

Henfield, Sussex, England: "I have read with interest your book on violin making and have successfully completed a number of instruments thanks to your intelligent, no-fuss, practical writing on the subject."

Grecia, Costa Rica: "Your books have been the most important source of information for me in getting started as a fiddle maker."

Morgan Hill, California: "It is the most clearly written text on this subject which I have yet seen, and in following your instructions I have produced two violins of which I am very proud."

Eureka Springs, Arkansas: "The more I read your books, the more I seem to inherit a patience that I so desperately need. Thanks very much H. S. Wake for showing an amateur craftsman like myself, that violin making and repairing is not done 'only on nights of the full moon, and with the help of the devil.' That it also teaches you love and understanding. I guess your books are a good lesson in psychology too. The more I meet with violin makers and repair persons, the more I realize that through this art, the world might stand a chance of surviving after all! Continued success to you, and may your gouge always be sharp and your 'A' string true."

Duluth, Minnesota: "I have been using your books as a guide for construction of a cello and with great success...Your books are excellent. Truly a common sense as well as a scientific approach to instrument construction."

Butte, Montana: "Please rush me a copy of your latest book, Amateur Violin Maker's Q&A, as advertised in The Strad. I have all of your other excellent books, and wouldn't want to miss this one."

Cheyenne, Wyoming: "I completed violin number 2.  I drew heavily from your book again -- its procedures and drawings and to my delight, placed 5th in tone in the gut string competition in the Violin Makers Association of Arizona competition..

Lebanon, Connecticut: "Having just started in violin repair, it seems difficult to find books or people with whom to discuss problems and questions.  Thank you for writing A Luthier's Scrapbook. This book will help me in years to come."

Vienna, Austria:  "I would like to say the way your grandfather speaks about this difficult subject is easy to understand and therefore very helpful for people who are interested in violins and violin making.  And he explains the important things about that!  Many books have a lot of pages but, in the end, you find that it is superficial, not so with him!"

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